Over the Air – Our hackday submission, terf

We’ve been working since yesterday on our app for the Over the Air hack day entry and that app is called terf. terf is a geofenced hyper-local chat and information web app, built to work on iPhone 4/5 currently, that can be used within bookshops (because we work for Blackwell’s) or anywhere to create zones of conversation around content, genre and locations.

We would also aim to be able to push promotional content into the timeline (via the Blackwell’s API) about book offers and links to the Blackwell’s app and online shop, but also any local information that needs to be pushed out to that hyper local community. The geofenced area could be transient or permanent. You can have multiple areas in a space and move between conversations in each.

This app could be used at festivals, hack days, conferences, traffic queues or hyper local communities for people to listen in to local chatter and find out what’s going on.

The name comes from the thought that you’d only want to talk to people who are on your turf. Alas Heroku, the platform we build our web app on, already had turf taken, so as a tribute to our Liverpudlian team member Kjell we opted for terf, which is turf, but as he says it!

Try terf on your mobile if you are in the marquee at Over the Air 2013. We’ve entered it in the HTML5 and Mobile category so wish us luck.


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3 thoughts on “Over the Air – Our hackday submission, terf

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