TEDx North Manchester

Now Paul Coulton who is pleased that people waited until the last talk.

He gets cool technology and subverts it for his own amusement tells a room of geeks and they all think they’re clever! He’s saying that ideas spread from mind to mind… like memes on the internet.

More stats… 4bn mobile phones on the planet, more than half the world have them, but he has three on him! He repeats the more phones are sold per second than babies born stat. Not sure if it’s actually true though!!

He mentioned Gameswipe on BBC4 and the breadth of games and gaming, not just shoot em ups etc…

Games have become disolved from play, they are no longer linked which is sad. He suggests a paradigm shift which he calls…. when he finds the slides… pre-raphaelite gaming (not to do with Ninja Turtles) the re-examining of gaming as with art. Talks about games within society, pre video games. Also different types of games. Within games there is a magic circle, within that is a suspension of belief that enables you to interact more effectively.

On to games that have a political or environmental message. Bringing fun to serious topics. Sometimes not enjoyable but engaging and educational all the same. Mentions ARG across consoles, TV, film and mobile and real world… he forgot that! Talks about re-addressing who the gamer is and mentions a Nintendo DS ad that wants you to get your Mum to play and your Granny too! He saw an older lady playing braind training on the plane but she wouldn’t play Mario Kart with him!!

He doesn’t think social networks are new but extensions of existing practices. Social capital – bridging, bonding, grooming, gossip. He calls Facebook social grooming, letting your friends know you’re thinking of them. The voyeurism of watching your friends feeds.

How can mobile gaming influence play… ambient play, less tied to time… mentions the twitterfall became more active when it was on screen. Emergence… a game with a chat engine. Reappropriating spaces using mobile. Intimacy… touching peoples phones to pass something on (?), collective intellengence, LOLAPPS & NANOFUN, serendipity and physicality, not everything is digital, you can wear a badge that says what Wii Mi you are, moving from the digital world to the real world.

Is it me of does this guy remind you of Joe Pasquale? I don’t mean to offend!!

…design axioms… note to self… look up axioms in the dictionary!

Games can change the world! No questions… or perhaps one… he’ll be in the bar later!! Applause

Closing comments… and off to the bar.Thanks to all involved, plug a few things, blah blah, no more stats…

Thanks for reading (Petros!)

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